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Every year, Pasquini & Bini takes part in fairs and events to present new products and stay updated on the latest news in the reference sectors. Discover all the events we attended:

Tips and events

8 August 2022 | New products


In 2016, Pasquini & Bini, in collaboration with the Design Campus of the University of Florence, promoted a workshop with…

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12 January 2023 | Insights

BIOTEMA: the University of Pisa and NPB collaborate again on…

In the field of Research & Development projects, Nuova Pasquini e Bini S.p.A, after the realisation of GEA pots with…

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22 December 2022 | Insights - Tips

Hydroponics pot cultivation

A new way to think about cultivation: the many benefits of hydroponics.POTS AT THE SERVICE OF AN ANTIQUE KNOWLEDGE HEMP,…

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22 July 2022 | Insights

Raspberry cultivation in pots

The cultivation of small fruits currently represents, globally, a sector with a large margin for growth. In Italy alone,…

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8 March 2019 | Insights - Tips

Blueberry pot cultivation

Read moreDownload BLUEBERRIES CAN GROW EVERYWHEREThese plants prefer cold temperatures and are…

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