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The eco-sustainable vase, infinitely recyclable and which improves the growth of your plants.


Nature is the beating heart of our planet. It is our duty to cultivate a deep connection with the natural world and commit to conserving it in the best way possible.

Providing a circular economy and a true level of sustainability are the key tools in protecting nature. Reducing, reusing, and recycling are essential to help limit the effect our activities have on the environment, while also preserving our natural habitats. This led to the creation of Infinity, a revolutionary range of plant containers that are the result of a visionary collaboration between Lucart and Pasquini & Bini.

Together with the contribution of the Department of Agricultural, Food and
Agricultural-environmental Sciences at the University of Pisa, this range of plant
containers, made from GranPlast, is a momentous change in the horticultural world, thanks to its positive ecological impact.

Infinity is not just a plant pot; it is a symbol of our undertaking for a sustainable future.

Unipi Agraria

Lucart’s challenge

GranPlast is a material made from recycling Tetra Pak®-type packaging. Thanks to this innovative project, tonnes of Tetra Pak®-type drinks cartons discarded after use, are collected to transform them into a secondary-raw material.

By separating its components, Lucart can extract cellulose, which is used to make recycled paper. The remaining part, made from polyethylene and aluminium, is granulated to make GranPlast. Lucart originally developed GranPlast to make high-quality, recycled plastic pallets. The challenge was to find further uses for this extraordinary material, and this was how the Infinity project came to be.

Granplast and Sustainability

Tuscany is Italy’s best region for separating their household waste, there, nearly all recyclable packaging is collected by waste disposal centers. GranPlast is an ecological resource that is derived from recycling household waste. A higher level of collection, separation means a higher productivity of GranPlast, providing a next level to circular

This sustainable material not only reduces disposal, but also helps to preserve the Tuscan environment, as much of the recycled raw material remains in the region. This falls in line with our circular economy philosophy, where a short production chain is essential. At the end of its life, the item can be retrieved and recycled again and again, or as we say in Italy, ad infinitum! This is why we chose the name INFINITY.

Several experiments conducted in collaboration with the Department of Agricultural, Food and Agricultural- environmental Sciences at the University of Pisa have shown that plants (such as blueberries, raspberries, lettuce and beans) grown in Infinity plant pots show considerable increase in growth, with peaks of 30% on the dry weight of the air part and 25% on the dry weight of the roots. The results are even more for plants grown in substrate with acidic and sub-acid substrate.

As well as the sustainable aspect, Infinity provides several advantages for growing plants:


Thanks to the qualities of GranPlast, the plant pots regulate root temperature, creating optimal conditions for the plants to grow.
Infinity plant pots reduce the extent to which the substratum inside the pots overheats during the summer months, recording temperatures that are on average 5-7 degrees lower than black pots, with peaks of 10° during the hottest hours of the day. This is of considerable benefit to the plant roots, and for their health in general, reducing stress to a minimum.


Infinity plant pots provide a positive environment for plants to grow in,
promoting phytostimulation and improving root health. The particular compound used for Infinity plant pots, using acid substrates with a pH below 4.5, creates a controlled release effect for the substances contained inside them. This effect stimulates plant growth instead of damaging them. Experiments conducts have shown that plants grown inside the Infinity plant pots are not just health, but are also better developed than the ones grown in traditional pots.

Carbon Black Free

The total lack of carbon black simplifies disposal on completion of cultivation, making Infinity plant pots a sustainable choice. The plant pots have passed all the
Institut Cyclos’ recyclability tests.

Infinity is much more than a plant pot; it is a commitment to a sustainable future, an initiate that proves how recycling and sustainability can go hand in hand with innovation.

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