Anti-root-spiralling pot made from post-consumer black recycled polyethylene


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The Ercole plant pot guarantees safe benefits to plants and considerable advantages to nursery producers who have chosen to use it. With the use of the Ercole plant pot, the growth time of the plant is considerably reduced, thanks to the well-developed root system; once planted, the attachment to the ground is secure and the growth healthy and immediate. The plant pot’s ventilation system (carefully designed at the end of years of study, tests and empirical research) prunes the roots that come into contact with air and light in a natural way and prevents their circular growth. The peripheral root system of the plant does not come under stress and the growth of the stem is faster and more vigorous than that in normal nursery pots or plants produced in the open field. The result is much better if a draining and compact substrate is used reproducing a condition similar to that of the open field. Peat, coconut fibre, coconut pith and controlled cleavage fertilizer: this mix is essential to determine an excellent final result, both technical and commercial, of the cultivation in this special pot.

Model variant Article sku Maximum bulk (cm) Diameter (cm) External Diameter (cm) Internal Diameter (cm) Usable Diameter (cm) Length (cm) External Length (cm) Internal Length (cm) Width (cm) External Width (cm) Internal Width (cm) Height (cm) External Height (cm) Internal Height (cm) Liters (lt) Pieces pack Pieces pallet Pieces pallet box External side Internal side Wheel Footboard Weight per sqm (kg)
SP14 14 13 10 16 2400
SP16 16,5 15 13 14,5 4320
SP19 19 18 15 17,5 2880
SP23 23 21 17 20 2000
SP26 26 24 20 22 1100
SP28 28,5 26,5 21,5 24 960
SP30 30,5 28 22,5 26,5 600
SP33 33 30,5 26 29 630
SP37 37,5 34,5 29 32 720
SP42 42 38 32 36 450
SP50 50 46 38 39 220
SP55 55 50 41 45 140
SP60 60 57 45 46 140
Raw material used
Black regenerated polyethylene