Anti-root-spiralling pot designed for the optimisation of soilless cultivations.


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The ERACLE plant pot is the result of years of research and observation of the growth of plants in containers and has been designed for the health of the root system. The sides of the pot are designed to prevent circular root growth while the bottom feet distance it from the ground to ensure a perfect combination of air and water. Eracle is one of the most successfully used pots for the cultivation of blueberries.

Model variant Article sku Maximum bulk (cm) Diameter (cm) External Diameter (cm) Internal Diameter (cm) Usable Diameter (cm) Length (cm) External Length (cm) Internal Length (cm) Width (cm) External Width (cm) Internal Width (cm) Height (cm) External Height (cm) Internal Height (cm) Liters (lt) Pieces pack Pieces pallet Pieces pallet box External side Internal side Wheel Footboard Weight per sqm (kg)
ER16 17 16 15 5250
ER18 19 18 16 4200
ER20 21 20 20 3000
ER22 24 22 21,5 2400
ER24 26,5 24 23,5 2000
ER29 31,5 29 29 1280
ER31 34 31 30,5 1120
ER35 39 35 32 520
ER40 43 40 37 480
Raw material used
Black regenerated polyethylene, Black regenerated polyethylene
Other details

Art. ER16 – ER18 – ER20 – ER22 Black regenerated polypropylene
Art. ER24 – ER29 – ER31 – ER35 – ER40 Black regenerated polyethylene