Anti-mulch ground cover

Black polypropylene sheet for mulching.

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The weed control mat (or mulch sheet) is made from UV-stabilised Polypropylene and guaranteed to withstand sun exposure for a minimum of 3 years. The extremely robust fabric is checked with green lines (15×15 cm) to facilitate the alignment of plant pots or plants. It is used exclusively on the ground to prevent the growth of weeds. Furthermore, the easy permeability to water and the shielding of the sun’s rays allow the soil to cool down more quickly, keeping the temperature stable, to the advantage of the root systems of the plants. The rolls are 100 linear metres long. It is always available in black, weighing 105 grams per square metre.

Model variant Article sku Maximum bulk (cm) Diameter (cm) External Diameter (cm) Internal Diameter (cm) Usable Diameter (cm) Length (cm) External Length (cm) Internal Length (cm) Width (cm) External Width (cm) Internal Width (cm) Height (cm) External Height (cm) Internal Height (cm) Liters (lt) Pieces pack Pieces pallet Pieces pallet box External side Internal side Wheel Footboard Weight per sqm (kg)
TA105 100 mt lineari 105
TA165 100 mt lineari 165
TA210 100 mt lineari 210
TA262 100 mt lineari 262
TA330 100 mt lineari 330
TA420 100 mt lineari 420
TA525 100 mt lineari 525
Raw material used
Polypropylene Copolymer PP