Set of modular and modular double-walled flower boxes.

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An elegant, and above all reversible, way to create both indoor and outdoor green spaces. The Sole Line – made up of flower boxes, corner plant pots and square plant pots to be used in customised compositions – is the right choice to space out and furnish rooms at the same time.




Model variant Article sku Maximum bulk (cm) Diameter (cm) External Diameter (cm) Internal Diameter (cm) Usable Diameter (cm) Length (cm) External Length (cm) Internal Length (cm) Width (cm) External Width (cm) Internal Width (cm) Height (cm) External Height (cm) Internal Height (cm) Liters (lt) Pieces pack Pieces pallet Pieces pallet box External side Internal side Wheel Footboard Weight per sqm (kg)
SOLE/ANG30 30 22 30 22 70 25 48
SOLE/CASS100 100 90 30 22 70 25 12
SOLE/CASS80 80 72 30 22 70 25 12
SOLE/QUA30 30 22 30 22 70 25 48
Raw material used
Other details

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