Carina Planter

Planter for plants and flowers made with injection moulding

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The Carina Planter was created to meet several needs: it can used as a cachepot for the Ercole planter but also as an indispensable accessory to brightly decorate the corners of balconies and gardens, thanks to its essential design and the fact that it can be produced in many colours.

Model variant Article sku Maximum bulk (cm) Diameter (cm) External Diameter (cm) Internal Diameter (cm) Usable Diameter (cm) Length (cm) External Length (cm) Internal Length (cm) Width (cm) External Width (cm) Internal Width (cm) Height (cm) External Height (cm) Internal Height (cm) Liters (lt) Pieces pack Pieces pallet Pieces pallet box External side Internal side Wheel Footboard Weight per sqm (kg)
CARINA70 70 30 31 75
Raw material used
Polypropylene Copolymer PP