Projects and financing

La Nuova Pasquini & Bini SpA completed the project entitled “Pasquini & Bini 2021”, which envisaged the purchase of new steel moulds for the injection moulding of plastic pots, in order to increase the production of existing series, and an air-cooled water chiller, with high energy efficiency values, used for the moulding cycle.

“Nuova Pasquini e Bini S.p.a., in 2016, started an internationalisation project called “Nuova Pasquini & Bini in U.S.A.” with the aim of expanding and strengthening its presence in the United States of America.
Since 2016, we have had a representative on American soil. The new website, advertised with newsletters and ADWORDS campaigns in the USA, was accompanied by the presence at trade fairs such as the CULTIVATE in Columbus in OHIO (2015 and 2017) and at the TPIE in Fort Lauderdale in FLORIDA (2016 and 2017).


Nuova Pasquini & Bini S.p.A. continued its internationalisation project with new objectives: with the project entitled “Consolidation and expansion of foreign customer base (Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia)” co-financed by the Call for Internationalisation 2017 – POR FESR 2014-2020, it attended international trade fairs and exhibitions as an exhibitor.

Nuova Pasquini & Bini SpA has concluded the internationalization project with the name ” Development of sales networks (EX-USSR – BALKAN AREA) “for the development of sales networks in former USSR countries and in the countries of the Balkan area co-financed by Sviluppo Toscana with the Internationalization Call 2018-POR FESR 2014- 2020 attending, as an exhibitor, at international fairs. In addition, it participated in the congress of nurserymen in Moscow APPM 2019 and designed, and advertised via the web, the website

The project entitled “Blueberry Project” had as its objective the research and development of new potential customers in the nursery sector dedicated exclusively to the cultivation of blueberries, through the company’s participation in international exhibitions and seminars, as well as an advertising campaign on websites and portals dedicated to the world of blueberries.