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XXVIII International Seminar BLUEBERRIES

Когда 13 / 14 сентября 2023
Где Agadir - Marocco

Also this year, we will participate at #Agadir #Morocco for the XXVIII International Seminar organized by Blueberries Consulting.

The 13 and 14 of September will be two days entirely dedicated to the interventions of internationally renowned experts aimed at collecting news and information on the cultivation techniques and the greatest opportunities offered by the blueberry industry. A particular focus will be given on Morocco which in recent years has made important progress and has experienced a constant growth of production.

A debate that will touch the main themes involved in the entire berries chain in a country that attracts more and more domestic and international investors and is intended to become one of the supply leaders for the European and Middle Eastern market, with a production of blueberries active for 9 months per year.

Pasquini & Bini, as sponsor of the event, will benefit from an exhibition space where the company will have the opportunity to present its latest news made in the cultivation of blueberry above ground. 

Anti-spinalization pots are among the most successfully used containers in the world of berries, especially the Eracle and Super-Eracle series. Thanks to their robust structure and to the use of excellent quality plastic material coming from the recycled post-consumer plastic, Pasquini & Bini pots are guaranteed for a long life in the open field, even in extreme climatic conditions and very high temperatures. 

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