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ICBC – International Cannabis Business Conference 2023

Cuándo 29 / 30 junio 2023

ICBC – International Cannabis Business Conference 2023ESTREL BERLIN HOTEL

On June 29th and 30th 2023, Pasquini & Bini will participate in the most important B2B event for the Cannabis industry in Europe: the ICBC – INTERNATIONAL CANNABIS BUSINESS CONFERENCE in Berlin.

Two days during which more than 5,000 people from 80 countries in the World are expected to meet the most important players in the sector.

The cannabis industry is undergoing unprecedented changes, with rapid expansion into emerging Countries and new markets. The legalization of medical and/or recreational cannabis is generating unprecedented opportunities. There will be speeches by leading industry experts on various topics, starting with the regulatory aspects relating to the legalization of recreational use that are affecting the host country: Germany, in fact, could be the forerunner in Europe. Will the ferment and the air of strong innovation that you breathe usher in a new era for the whole international scenario?

Pasquini & Bini, present in a space dedicated to pots for hydroponics (HALL 2 – BOOTH 441), will collect the most important innovations to continue its R&D path also with products intended for the cultivation of cannabis.

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24 / 25 julio 2024


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