Anti-mulch ground cover

Anti-mulch ground cover is made in Polypropylene stabilized to UV rays, guaranteed to sun exposure for a minimum of 3 years.

The very strong fabric has squares created by green lines (15×15 cm) to help the alignment of pots or plants.

Exclusively used on the ground to avoid the growth of infesting grass.

Furthermore, the fact that water can pass through easily and that it is shielded from the sun allow the soil to cool down faster, maintaining a stable temperature, so the roots can benefit.

Rolls of 100 meters. Always available in black, 105 grams of weight per square meter.

Available, upon request, in green and/or weight of 130 grams per square meter.



Rotoli da metri lineari 100 – gr. 105 al mq.

Linear rolls 100 – gr. 105 al mq.

al metro quadro/for square meter

Altezze disponibili mt.  1,05 – 1,65 – 2,10

2,62 – 3,30 – 4,20 – 5,25

Available heights mt.      1,05 – 1,65 – 2,10 – 2,62

3,30 – 4,20 – 5,25


Disponibile su richiesta colore verde / Green color available on demand

Disponibile su richiesta gr 130/mq / Available also gr 130/mq on demand